Pet dog training club

We are a pet dog training club, situated near Southend-on-Sea, Essex. Qualified and experienced trainers we believe in providing expert knowledge and understanding to help you train your puppy to be an enjoyable part of the family.

At Hockley Community Centre, Westminster Drive, Betts Farm, Hockley. SS5 4BD




The most important time in your puppies life is between 8-12 weeks of age. WHY. This is the time you can train your dog to avoid unwanted behavior such as aggression to people or hyperactivity this is why we keep our classes small.  Of course nothing is perfect.

Therefore it is important that your puppy instructor be able to observe the class and inform you of your puppies individuality to help you structure your puppy training at puppy class.

Your main puppy instructor has been studying canine psychology for 12 years and has gained an Distinction Certificate in Advanced Canine Psychology  with the Animal Care College and continues to study because science is always continuing to inform us about how dog’s perceive the world in which they live in.

  • Continuing educational units:
  • Dr Ian Dunbar Puppy Classes and Games
  • Dr Ian Dunbar Adult Dog Classes
  • Dr Jean Donaldson: Just Between Dogs
  • Training For the Future: Puppy Instructor Course with Sarah Whitehead seen recently on TV
  • Think Dog Certificate Course With Sarah Whitehead
  • Scent Work Masterclass with Pam Mackinnon and Sarah Whitehead
  • The Brave New World of Dog Training: Science with a brain and a heart with
  • Dr Roger Abrantes from the Cambridge Institute of Ethology
  • Motivation, rewards and reinforcement: Chirag Patel
  • Running the behaviourally aware puppy party: Denise Nuttall COAPE Diploma in   Companion Animal Behaviour
  • Aggression from Brain to Bite; Chirag Patel PG Cert (CAB), BSc (Hons) DipCABT