Pet dog training club

We are a pet dog training club, situated near Southend-on-Sea, Essex. Qualified and experienced trainers we believe in providing expert knowledge and understanding to help you train your puppy to be an enjoyable part of the family.

At Hockley Community Centre, Westminster Drive, Betts Farm, Hockley. SS5 4BD

BWTS are not accepting any new puppies or dogs for the time being

CONTACT KAY ABBEY on 07814 384579



For availability please email Lisa:

Teach your puppy to:

  • Have good manners – Puppies need to learn socially acceptable behaviour,
  • Teach your dog to Come When Called
  • I like to be touched – puppies that find handling uncomfortable may become fearful, which may lead to growling, snarling or snapping
  • I can be calm – teach your dog to settle when asked
  • Advice on play-biting issues
  • Walking without pulling
  • Most important how to have fun with your puppy
  • Following Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Course

Both indoor and outdoor facilities

Small classes to ensure improved learning

Cost of puppy classes are £40 per course, payable on first lesson. Vaccination certificate must be shown on arrival at first lesson.



When your puppy reaches approximately 5 months he is no longer a puppy and becomes an adolescent and will become more independent. This is the time when you need a great deal of support.

  • Techniques that work for inattentive adolescent and adult dogs
  • Loose lead walking
  • Scent work/tracking
  • Fun Agility
  • Stay work

Rescue dogs require special attention and that is what we are here for.

These classes are held outside whatever the weather.

Small classes to promote improved learning.